EA816 GSM hybrid-0

EA816 GSM hybrid

The EA816 is a stationary telephone hybrid for the GSM network. It is an industrial quality quad band GSM module with AMR-WB codec and the facilities for use as a broadcast hybrid. – For use in areas without cabled telephone connections. – To make use of the new HD-voice (Advanced Multirate – Wideband) facilities more and more mobile telephone companies are offering. The audio bandwidth is extended from 50 Hz to 7 kHz for a crystal clear sound, ideal for the radio reporter in combination with the S25 Reportophone. – Depending on your network provider and system used it can be a huge money saver. In a lot of countries a call from mobile to mobile is much cheaper than from mobile to fixed or visa versa. In some situations these calls can even be free of charge. – For special applications the unit has an auto-answer mode and te possibilty to control an electronic switch from a telephone keypad. You can also dial a preprogrammed telephone number with an external contact.

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