Axys B-07G2-0

Axys B-07G2

The B-07G2 is a single 18” subwoofer.
Each unit in the AXYS® Source system has an extremely powerful on-board DSP which can be controlled via an RS-485 network. AXYS® WinControl is the PC based Control software, developed by our in-house, R&D team, specifically for AXYS® products.

WinControl offers users: Full control of the DSP features, which include:
•    Delay, Gain and 8 band parametric EQ setting
•    Choice of downloadable cross-over settings for different applications
•    8 presets – providing factory defined and user configurable presets, including the option to individually lock / password protect presets
•    Highly Advanced Digital Limiting algorithms
•    Surveillance functionality which include: load monitoring and input pilot tone detection, Real time input and output level monitoring)
•    Grouping – loudspeakers can be grouped so that you can adjust the delay, gain and EQ of a complete group at the same time
•    Whisper algorithm” controls fan operation with respect to the input level; ensuring unobtrusive operation

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