Our ServicesOur services aim at optimizing the audio-visual world around us. With a strong commitment to perfection, we provide our clients with a reliable and unique range of brands that meet their highest business standards. Our innovative products offer a world-class value that reflects nothing less than the leading reputation of excellence we have preserved since day one.



Establishing and nurturing a solid and lasting partnership with internationally-renowned brands has made Eltek the reference supplier of high-quality audio products in the Lebanese market. We cater to most of the country’s old and newly emerged audio companies with a wide portfolio of exclusive brands.



Not only do we supply professional audio and lighting equipment, but we also take care of installing it. Our highly-trained team has the experience and understanding to handle the most intricate installation works, adding his expert touch to any venue, be it a theatre, a church, a restaurant, or other.



Our relation with our customers lasts long after the sale is done. Thanks to our excellent maintenance services, our clients can rest assured they will benefit from the best product quality for the longest possible time.