Our History

Starting his career at the age of 14, the future founder of Eltek was already on the road to success before he knew it. From the very beginning of his career at “Projects” in 1956, one of the first sound and lighting companies in Lebanon, Georges Bechwati was no ordinary employee. His ambition, will to learn, and passion for the business always kept him one step ahead.


After gaining experience in the audio world and weaving his primary network of connections, the time had come for Georges to take the leap and venture on his own in the field of electronic repair. It was in 1962 that Eltek saw the light, a name that soon earned his German-inspired appellation in the Lebanese market. With Sennheiser as the first professional audio brand acquired in 1970, Eltek became in no time the exclusive distributor of renowned speaker, microphone and amplifier brands, such as Peavey, in Lebanon.


The company’s next chapter of success was nothing but the natural result of Eltek’s wise leadership and outstanding competence and dedication. With more high-quality brands acquired along the years, Eltek became a reference in the supply and installation of professional audio equipment in all sorts of venues. However, one particular milestone highlighted the company’s path of success, being its exclusive partnership with Lebanon’s two biggest annual music festivals.


Working in Beiteddine and Baalbeck festivals since his days in “Projects”, Mr. Bechwati made sure to continue the legacy under Eltek’s name. His meticulous and reliable services made him for many years the exclusive sound system supplier and operator of the only two Lebanese summer festivals back then. In the magical settings of Beiteddine and Baalbeck, he had the privilege to work with the world’s most renowned classical and modern artists such as Placido Domingo, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Ella Fitzgerald, Fairuz, Sabah, and Wadih El Safi among others, as well as international ballets, dance theaters, and orchestras from all over the world.


Nothing stopped Eltek from providing its clientele with unparalleled services in audio and lighting, not even the dark days of war that hit Lebanon in 1970 and repeatedly after, or the many competitors that emerged along the years. With more than 40 years of experience and a strong portfolio of international prestigious brands, Eltek still believes in the same values that paved the way for its success. Today, handed over to a new generation of leaders, these values will prevail to ensure Eltek remains the pioneer example it always has been in the Lebanese market.